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Gets More Effects, Advanced Time Stretching And More


Native Instruments has introduced an update to Traktor - version 1.2.


Here's what's new in Traktor 1.2:


* Users of TRAKTOR PRO and TRAKTOR SCRATCH PRO are treated to three extra effects in 1.2. Taking the total to 24, this update adds a Beat Slicer, Formant Filter and a Peak Filter.

* The TRAKTOR effects section just got twice as nice. With the addition of two more effects units (in PRO versions only) the potential for warping and twisting your tracks has been vastly increased.

* TRAKTOR now supports the HID (Human Interface Device) protocol for the Pioneer CDJ-400 and display support for the Denon DN-HC4500.

* HID is an alternative to MIDI control that boasts a much improved sensitivity, meaning even more precise control over pitch control and effects parameters etc. HID also utilizes the product displays to show TRAKTOR info such as track name, remaining time etc, directly on the hardware.

* The new advanced Élastique time stretching algorithm delivers a new level in time-stretching quality at an amazing workload efficiency. The algorithm has been developed to detect tonal and transient components in your tracks with high accuracy, making the Keylock function in TRAKTOR 1.2 sound pristine. The new algorithm also ensures exceptional efficiency in CPU usage.


Other enhancements:


* Drag and Drop from decks to playlist

* Two additional favorite playlist slots

* New Progressive Sensitivity option for Pitch Bend

* Customizable Cue Play button behaviour (Instant On Release)

* Additional Preparation List features with diamond icons, Append/add next menu functions

* Adjustable minimum playtime filter for play count and history functions timecode

* Internal EQs enabled for external mixer mode

* New track caching technology with reduced memory footprint

* Improved Tap Tempo function

* Direct tag editing in Explorer node

* Pitch Bend controller assignable to jog wheels

* One-Click setting of hotcues


Version 1.2 is a free update via the Native Instruments site.



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