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Traktor Kontrol X1 - Performance Dj Controler

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When it comes to digital DJing, your laptop's trackpad can only do so much. The Traktor Kontrol X1 brings a solid set of controls to complement Native Instrument's Traktor DJ software.


Native Instruments' Traktor DJ software is an industry standard for legions of digital DJs with laptop-based rigs. Unfortunately, as the company's software has grown increasingly sophisticated, the prospect of using your laptop's trackpad to control it becomes a bit ridiculous.


In an effort to make your laptop's trackpad obsolete, Native Instruments is launching a dedicated USB DJ controller named Traktor Kontrol X1. Due to hit shelves in February of 2010, the Kontrol X1 includes every knob, button, and slider a DJ could desire, and touts a retail price of $229.


A stripped-down version of Traktor DJ software (Traktor LE) comes included, and offers an upgrade path to the proper Traktor Duo and Traktor Pro versions. Also realize that there's no sound card built into the X1, so beginners may need to pick up something like the Audio 2 DJ to flesh out a proper four-channel DJ rig.


(Credit: Native Instruments)










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