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with more and more venues not allowing smoke/haze machines which lights look effective without it?


My opinion is some/most effect lighting looks inferia without smoke/haze.


What lights are you using without any haze?



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norfolk, the quality of the laser is irrelevant, its the style of laser. The Cluster type lasers dont need smoke and look good, but they do look better in smoke


the new Kam lasers look very good, expect every brand to have them very soon. The new concept is basically Purple! Lots of purple dots or in one case, a purple gobo flower effect coupled with a cluster effect. But once again, they do look even better with smoke

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I use 2 led parcans (uplight behind speaker stands), 1 acme miracled and 2 acme 100w scanners as a standard. the led cans get some nice comments and the others on the rig are really only visible by me behing the rig and people dont really notice them to be honest.


For bigger venues I also use a couple of 250w gobo flowers projected on opposite walls if possible. An alternative to lazers in acme invincibled or something simular. they project nicely onto ceilings etc with a good pattern spread controlled by the simple ca-8 contrller

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