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Mixed In Key, Platinum Notes, Tuneup

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Has anyone else here bought these software packages?


I thought about it/researched them for a long time and took the plunge last week.


TuneUp is only 90% efficient at identifying the full track data online but has been an extremely quick way of cleaning up the Tags on my large database. Saved me hours and I think better than some of the other cleanup packages available. Even the tag information from the CD's has been improved by removing generic genres (such as Pop or Hits) and replacing them with more detailed categories.


Platinum Notes had been excellent. The quality of tracks has improved significantly and the difference is clearly audible. It's slow but it scrubs every single track, repairing clipped peaks, dynamics, pitch etc. Even ripped tracks using EAC/Lame have benefited.


Mixed In Key - I already had the BPM's (using Mixmeister) for my tracks but to now have the keys as well (Using the Camelot system) has been a really interesting exercise. Havent used it yet but Saturday's playlist and request sequencing will be by Key as well as the other usual criteria.


Takes a while to get to know these systems as manufacturers instructions are very vague but so far so good. Using these in the wrong sequence, however, can prove disastrous but with the right research and sequencing I recommend these programs.


If anyone else has used these and has any tips, or conversely if you want any info please let me know.


If anyone wants me to write up an A-Z on my Library construction (and destruction) experiences. let me know and I'll be happy to do it.


Best wishes


Teez :tree:

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