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This post sprung to my mind as i walked through the Park today


When I was a child I would walk through the local Park in my town, The Park has a tarmac path that is a route from my parents house to the town centre, it’s a lovely Park, the wide path flows through the park past the Victorian bandstand and past lovely well kept flower beds. I would often meet friends on my journey from my parent’s house and walk along the clear path, admiring the view.


I was a good kid and I was not naughty most of the time and I respected the park and the people who had done lots of hard work maintaining the park.


Then one day a park keeper out of the blue shouted “stay off the grass!” Now my friends and I were no where near the grass but on the path.


I said sorry but are you speaking to us? He said “don’t give me lip, the signs are there, stay off the grass!” I said “sorry you mean me?” He said that’s it one more word and I’ll throw you out for breaking the rules!”


Now when I walk through the park I no longer remember the park as that beautiful place as beautiful as it is because it was somehow tarnished by the memories of the park keeper.



Have members any experiences from childhood that now have changed the way you look upon a place or situation? or now you are an Adult do you find yourself still experiencing this sort of thing it seems to me as a kid i often got told off for things i didn't do . I was slapped heavily across the face for talking by one teacher... when it was the child next to me , irrationally i never paid attention in maths again because i felt an injustice, this meant it was not until my late 20's before i could do my times tables!


Again at school i was kicked in the chest whilst only wearing a towel (i was going for a shower)in a changing room by a PE teacher when there was no way i could have heard his instructions from the connecting changing room to stand still.


These were in the days when teachers could hit you and in my school they often did.


I seemed as a child to be a magnet for people wishing to punish me within rules i either didn't break or couldn't have known, but it didn't stop them ,often harshly applying there rules.


(these are two mild examples,i have many others)



Am i being a mardy or have others experienced these sort have things? and how did you cope with injustices


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no the park keeper put me off so i didnt go that route for years . the new park keeper is a lovely bloke and puts his heart and soul into making the park nice. Its a shame just because of a over zealous park keeper it put me and i am guessing many others off too.


never got apologies from the Teachers either :(

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I was bullied a bit by one bigger guy at my secondary school. Any chance to bash me in the face with his school bag- he did it. Also pushing me over etc etc.


One day, he whacked me with his heavy bag. I got off the floor (he was walking away, laughing with his mates). I walked up behind him, tapped him on the shoulder, and basically hit him very hard - knocking him flying.

Now- I was much shorter than him by a good 6", so got him just under the chin. Very very satisfying.



Behind me was the Deputy Head Teacher :(



I was given 1 weeks detention and told to apologise. In my 13yr old mind - this was wrong.

I told my parents (who actually didn't get get involved), and basically refused to apologise.

Lots of agro at school, but I never did the detention and never apologised... I also never got any grief from this guy again.

I showed the head that I was 100% refusing to do the punishment, and explained the last 12 months of bullying from the guy. I think they gave up!


The risks were suspension and possible expulsion - not a big worry for me!


Nowdays, I'm all for the underdog. Various problems in the day job right now - and been helping colleages with where to get help.


Yesterday, I fired off an angry email to our head of finance - who is by reputation a bully. His reply 10 mins later was detailed, and polite (my original email was not, due to the circumstances around a recent anouncement)


Basically, don't put up with any :crap: in life. We all have boundaries and sometimes we need to remind ourselves where they are.

Most of my grief comes for the day job. How mostly know my rights, and where I fit in, so its a ballancing act. I'm happy to say "No", and sadly most of colleagues will agree to things and then complain - its best to be up front - firm but polite.


I give similar advice to my 2 kids. Sadly my Son is a bit disruptive (noisy) in class. He was complaining about the teacher picking on him. I explained that She will just hear kids being noisy and pick out his voice - and he really needs to shut up and once he's been quiet for a few weeks, the teacher can't single him out, and I'll help out if he is then being treating unfairly (realising the teachers job is a hard one with lots of 10yr olds!)


Anyway - Life according to Jason! lol




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My home village


when i was a lad i knew everybody in every house. 124 houses approx 400 people - i was related to quite a few. My dad was born and bred there as were my grandparents with the familty tree extending over hundreds of years so im told. my dad ran the village garage for 30 years and my distant relatives allegedly help build the local primary school (120 years old). The local pub was the central hub of the village - everybody went. Quoits clubs, fishing club, pool team , darts team the lot with a function room for all sorts of occasions. Our back garden was literally hundreds of acres with streams & woodlands to play in. helping on the local farms during harvest time (free tractor rides) in return for free run of the land. What a place to live, what happy memories.


Now my dad recently retired and sold up - a man walked past as we were loading the vans and stopped for a chat. Selling up eh - aye we replied shutting the garage after all these years. the man quite casually stated - you know i've lived here for 6 years and didnt even know there was a garage. The pub is a glorifeid restaurantand the village is full of commuters. The farms are now just houses and the land inaccesible. All the old generation are gone now and have taken the stories of days gone by to the graves.


I couldn't afford to live there even if i wanted to......................Heartbreaking!

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