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i start a new bar wednesday and ive heard its age range is 30 to 65,

what do you think will be the best music/songs for the place? just to check if ive got them, and to make a rough set list!


You'll probably find you can play a wide range of music. It depends on what kind of people the bar attracts. Some bars can be full of 30-65 year olds and the DJ can be playing cool funky house all night, or current chart hits, or 70s - 90s cheese.


Some 50 year old's come up to me asking for Black Eyed Peas "i gotta feeling", so sometimes you can't be age specific on what songs you play.


If you want to play it safe and its not a specialist bar (ie funky house), I'd make sure you have plenty of 70s disco and funk (seach on HMV.COM for albums), 80s cheese (Whitney, Wham etc), old rock (Bon Jovi, The Jam....) and all the usual current chart tracks (Black Eyed Peas, Lady Gaga, Shakira, Beyonce...) A great bit of advice I was once given is... Remember just because they're 50 doesn't mean they went deaf after 1989 so they probably still listen to the radio and know the popular songs out at the moment. :D


You may want some 80s and 90s 'old skool' dance (Technotronic, Snap, Black Box)


Soul and Motown will be a definate (Diana Ross, Jackson 5) and also some Rock & Roll maybe .



Hope that helps, a tad :pro:

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