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Weekend 11h - 13th December

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1/2 way through the Christmas Season, is anyone sick of silly hats, turkey and "Last Christmas"? lol


Its my birthday this Saturday, so celebrating with Carmen, and probably popping to my local for a spot of Karaoke and a few drinks.

Anyone local to us (Waltham Cross) are welcome to meet up if you're not working - PM.



I've a Christmas Party on Sunday for the store of a large DIY company. Apart from paperwork problems, this is looking to be an easy gig.

7:30 background music whilst they get their drinks.

8:00 food - in a separate area, with no provision for music (Carmen and I will continue background, probably leave the system on auto whilst we grab a snack)

9:30ish - Midnight, Party!


The gig is in Coggeshall, Essex- so a 1hr+ trek from our base with Work for Carmen the next day (so a probable 2am bedtime)



Over to you - what are you doing/working?





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Very busy weekend coming up.


Friday Night - Nottinghamshire Healthcare. A mixture of all Healthcentre's for their Xmas Party. 7.30pm - Late. I done a cancer research gig for them earlier in the year, and it was an amazing night, so looking forward to this one.


Sat Night - 40th Birthday party. Disco / Karaoke. Playlist has been given to me for this one. Im gonna have some fun. Some top tunes gonna get played.


Sun Night - (similar to Vokf), the Xmas party for a large DIY retailer. Disco / Karaoke, after they have finished eating. Waiting to find out if they want some background music leaving on during the meal.


All good fun.


Not to sure about the silly hats though Vokf!!!! lol. I may have to indulge though, for a laugh.


Merry Christmas to one and all, hope everyone has a good un.









Domain Disco / Karaoke

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Free disco for Sunningdale School (special needs). Great 2 hours and made a lot of friends!



Barclays staff party at The Quayside Exchange



HMV (Sunderland store) staff party with karaoke - should be fun, request list got a bit of Shinedown on it! Woo!



Asda (Boldon store) staffs kids xmas party. Need to do my corners still!


Anyone got any songs suggestions? Ive done it for the last two weeks!


Go on, pick a Xmas, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s & 00s song!



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Friday - back again to my regular 5* Hertfordshire venue for the Join In party

Saturday - same as Friday


And :birthday: Jason for Saturday.


Remember If you Drink Don't DrIvE


More Turkey anyone ???

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Big one for me again this year, im off up to Wembley to do the X Factor wrap party on Sunday. I'll try and get some pics if I can. :Thumbup:

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Big one for me again this year, im off up to Wembley to do the X Factor wrap party on Sunday. I'll try and get some pics if I can. :Thumbup:



Great! Need some help?????? :cheers:

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Great! Need some help?????? :cheers:


Will work for beer/food? :)


Nothing this weekend - got to prepare for 4 kids christmas parties next week (two days, two on each day, one right after the other)...


Some interesting requests on the list already... Elvis Costello - Oliver's army, Queen - We will rock you, Journey - Don't stop believin' (Think the last two because of X-factor)..


Blew a par 56 bulb last week right at the start, thought it had taken the triac in the dimmer pack with it, but only blew the 6.3A fuse. At least I've got a spare 16A triac (and bulb and fuses!). Also bit of maintenance/servicing whilst I've got everything in one place for a change (Had left channel go weird on the amp last week - but think this is a cable issue between DSP8024 and amp)..





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Quiet weekend for me really only 1 gig and to be honest i have not been stoured out with party hats and xmas tunes. Last week was busy with 5 gigs and next week i have 4.


Saturday night 30th Birthday - local welfare club with own light system so not much gear needed.


Counting down to the holidays - 2.5 weeks off :D

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Heartstopper on Saturday in Wrexham, a third of a way through the night my amp decided enough was enough :scared: A rather schnell sprint into the back of the van for spare amp and hey presto, back in business :pro: Always wondered about having all that gear in the van but it saved my bacon that night. Seems my Reloop amp got a bit too hot and went into protection mode, at least I know it works :rolleyes:

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