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So here I am at some ridiculous hour in the night wondering what all my other fellow DJ's do to pass their days away when not DJ'ing.


I know some of you are full time pros but I'm guessing many also have a day job.


So I thought it might be interesting to see if there are any trends. (Apologies if this has been done before)


I'll start the ball rolling and click the unemployed button :( as someone whose business recently went :ouch: as a result of the recession! (No sympathy please, just send me your bookings for West Mids!!)


Don't just vote, post and let us know what you do! You never know we might have more in common than you think!


Also please vote or I will feel very embarassed for creating a poll nobody is interested in!!




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I've had a varied work life. Mostly technical, but with the odd stint as a private hire cabbie (part time) and 3 months packing peanuts...


Currently, I'm a senior product developer in the oil/gas business. This involves mainly embedded electronics/software, but also mechanical design and PC software.

I call in colleagues to provide assistance with optical (laser) and analog electronic skills.

My last product has brought in over £1M over the last 9 months. A shame I didn't see more of that in my bank! lol


This is fairly well paid, but obviously I have to work hard and there are often deadlines and sometimes overseas travel (which I don't enjoy!)



I also take on web development projects. These projects are normally online stores. I've been doing this for about 7 years, and so can provide a good service.

Most clients are start-ups, but also some where they want to move from a simple static site to a full e-commerce system.

The system I use is based on "CubeCart", and I add value through my experience and ability to customise the system (graphically and on a software level)

I also offer hosting, and have a selection of paying clients.



I don't think I'd want to earn 100% of my income through DJing. I'd prefer to play the safer card of increasing the web/other projects and use DJing as 50% income.

From what I can see, there are mainly 2 days per week when you can work. In the current climate of cost cutting/cancellations I would find it hard to earn a living when there is high potential of not working a full weekend.


I've always done what ever is needed to earn money, so if I were to try DJing full time (i.e. made redundant from current full time job), then I'd be marketing (separately) Kids Parties, possible dry PA hire, and obviously working harder at upping my game to capture higher-end clients.


I don't know what (if any) government help is given to start-ups these days. If I were laid off, then my first port of call would be to claim every penny I'm entitled to and spend the first week working on marketing myself as a full-time DJ.

When I've been at home day-time, I do get a few calls from either people after web work or discos. Being at home full-time would help pull these enquiries in..







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I'm currently a Home Delivery Driver for Asda Home Shopping.

Really flexible and norm book gig nights off, gave them a weeks notice and off i trotted to the gig!


Previous to that, i worked as a night duty manager at a Holiday Inn! Getting time off for that was a night mare, but starting at 10/11 i was able to set up and leave the other half the the disco (the other J) plaing the tunes. so no real bother!


BIG Fish Discos
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I work in education as technician/teaching support in the Design and Technology Department. Part time - 15hrs per week, 13 weeks off a year and a classroom full of metal and woodworking equipment at my disposal :D

Richmond Karaoke & Disco - Professional Mobile Disco Service For North Yorkshire - www.rkdisco.co.uk

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Contract senior web developer (Ruby/Rails/PHP), Server administrator (unix), working remotely 90% of the time... although the past few months has seen me working long long days... (and bits of weekends)...


Wouldn't like to DJ full time - although tbh I'd find that if i did more DJing I'd lose the same amount on not working on the contract stuff. Out of the two I prefer the DJing side (apart from the setup/takedown). Would be easier if I had a) a garage and b) my own van..


I put down "office worker" although I could work anywhere (and frequently do)..





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DJ David Graham

Tel: 01204 537716 / 01942 418415

Email: hello@djgraham.co.uk

FB: http://facebook.com/djdavidgraham

Web: [under construction - it really is coming soon :)]

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