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Led Video Curtain Effects Demo!

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I would like some feedback on our LED video curtain which has full colour changing LEDs and can create fantastic effects for the Mobile D.J or more professional companies.

we just made a video of some of the preset patterns included in the controller.

We would like some feedback on what you think of the video below:



My Webpage








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My feed back of the video is that its a great bright looking effect, i would have liked a video with a person explaining the connections and the controller box as well as the patterns. you could then get a better sense of the product and its size compared to a real world person .almost a dj tutor style video if you get what i mean. I liked the music in the background also.



This looks great but for my meagre funds the original price of £699 was way out of my league and even at the amazing special offer price of £399 price point it is still a little out of my range :(


The trouble i see is that there are too many good products out there at stupid low prices, there are many alternative effects for mobile dj's to buy this IS different and i personally wish you well with it.

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I Like it......In fact I like it a lot.


Need to feel Loved is one of my favourite songs as well :-)


what I am not so keen on is the price....if it really is £399

The oldest swinger in town....... probably. Happy Easter.. well I have seen easter eggs in the shops

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a fantastic piece of kit with some stunnng effects - however and there is always a however you can buy a rather large plasma tv for a simular price and run visuals from that. granted that would be a lot heavier but the possibilities are endless


well done for taking the star cloth to the next level. I think the option of having 18 , 40 etc dislayed would be good for birthdays

Richmond Karaoke & Disco - Professional Mobile Disco Service For North Yorkshire - www.rkdisco.co.uk

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