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Are you the world's next superstar DJ?


Probably not - but Pioneer, Beatport, DJ Magazine and Let’s Mix want you to at least have a stab at it.


They've launched Next Generation DJ (NGDJ), a talent competition for DJs. To win, DJs will have to demonstrate their skills through several stages of competition on letsmix.com.


Organizers are looking for creative music compilation and mixing skills as well as entrepreneurial drive.




* http://www.letsmix.com/




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A bit more info;

The Comp provides a free bit of remixing software. I've downloaded this ~32MB file, and installed.

The software looks like a cut down "fruityloops" clone, with various effects/filters and fades. It will beatmatch and can normalise tracks.


The output can be exported in .ogg format.


This is similar to MP3 format - but the file format at compression technique is incompatible, although converting to .WAV will retain quailty.


I don't have time to play right now, but looks like it could be good fun. Currently not sure on licensing/restrictions of use, or who owns the copyright of any mixes produced.



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