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X Factor Competition

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Hallo again all need a bit of advice.

I am DJing at a party on friday at Tiger Tiger for an office party,they want to have have an x factor type competition but I have never done one of these!!

Has anyone on here hosted one before an can you give me some advice and tips on what I should do?

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Not too easy if your'e on your own. We do things like that at school which is quite a big production. we have auditions which we video then play at the event prior to the acts performing at the live final. Obviously we have bodies to act as presenters judges etc with me and andy doing the technical side of things.


My first suggestion is try to get some judges organised and give them some typical scripts from the likes of simon cowell etc


after that mic work is the key, getting the audience to judge as you go with possibly a fake clapometer deciding the winner. Inrtroduce the acts like on the tv, telling a bit of a story and if you cant get any back ground info in time - make it up - pretend they did auditions etc making reference to daft venues like the golden lion or photcopier room. do brief interviews with the singers asking them really daft questions with the basic questions - ask them who their idol is etc. You dressing up like dermot may make a difference.


hope any of the above waffle helps - if all else fails try to get some simon cowell comments off t'interweb


good luck


Richmond Karaoke & Disco - Professional Mobile Disco Service For North Yorkshire - www.rkdisco.co.uk

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One thing I learnt early on as a DJ is NEVER judge anything. After the judgement punters come up at you all night while you're trying to work making positive/negative comments on your judgement and it really isn't worth the hassle and can be counterpoductive/distracting and affect your set.


Get the hosts/organisers to pick the judges and stay well out of anything involving opinion.


Just my opinion of course !!


Teez :hphone:

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