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Hi All,

With my slowly progressing website update, I'm looking at some online tools for my clients.

I can obviously code them myself (but life is a bit too short for this! lol), but have also been looking into the 2 main leaders;





Does anyone use these, and comment on their use by clients? I already consult my clients with regards to evening planning (music, presentation etc), but wonder if you find clients are happy to use these tools?


I can see there are more to these tools than music requests/quote requests.


I also trialed DJI last year, and didn't really have the time to configure it to my liking. I did give some feedback to the developers, and got a helpful response - so based on their willingness to answer questions, I'm inclined to give them a first choice.


However... what do you use?



Just to explain how I currently work;

I take basic enquiries via a form-email script. I normally then call the client, or email (if no phone number is supplied) and normally request more info (and generally chat about their party).


I then compile a formal quotation (obviously this is a template, and takes very little time), and email this across in PDF format with my Terms in PDF format. I may have already quoted verbally.

I am also looking to create a PDF brochure that can be emailed. This will typically contain photos, testimonials and high level details of what can be offered.

If they are local, and happy to meet up, we'll pop over and discuss their party in detail, taking a booking fee and signed Terms.

Any revision/amendments from the meeting (or phone call) to the booking form is emailed back across (by this time, its normally minor details), and they agree via email that the details are correct.


I use an online service called "DropBox". This basically syncs a folder on my PC to online storage. I run the client on my Windows PC, but also my Linux based PC, and can get access from my office PC.

You get 2GB free, and this is ample for Spreadsheets/Docs.


The date is then entered into a paper diary, and also on Google Calendar (which is shared with Carmen). The notes in the google calendar contain the clients contact details and amounts of monies paid.


Its a little disjointed, but I have paper copies, and the DropBox system will still work (ie, I have full local access to files) if their system fails. It would be great to add files to Google Calendar thou!


Anyway... will any of the online tools assist my work?




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Don't use myself, but I would imagine that a certain level of bookings and of course availability would justify such an online system?



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I use dj Intelligence and find it excellent well worth the money





Hi Alan,

do you find your clients using the client tools, or are you mainly using it to keep track of things (I'm not 100% sure what it offers) - ie as an event planner?




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I use dj Intelligence and my customers love it

Big B's Mobile Disco


Crystal Wedding Fayres




08445 040 841(option 2)


07547 686920


<a href="http://www.bigbdisco.co.uk" target=""><img src="http://www.designrite.co.uk/big_b.gif" border="0"><br/></a>


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Cheers Guys!

It sounds like I'll take up their trial when the new site is ready.


My main worry was that I'd be paying for a tool that clients don't really use (much) and my existing quote-booking flow works well for me anyway.





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