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Hi all. Hope things are well.


Does anyone know or have a skin for VDJ for use with touch Screen Monitor. I have ones for winamp but VDJ is the one I use at work. Alternatively a good On-Screen Keyboard with auto hide facility


Any recommendations greatly accepted

Kind Regards




Paul's Karaoke Entertainment


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Hi Paul,


Probably best to ask in the VDJ forum. When I had a licence, it was pretty good for support. Lots of skins/plugins to download.




Note: Moved to Digital DJ Area.

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Hi Paul, How's tricks with you - Busy?

Just wondering if you have numark cue or actual virtual dj. Reason being that you get better support from virtual dj than numark. i upgraded from cue to vdj pro for about £30 and i was certainly worth while. numark are well behind on updates and i was running vdj 6.02 with numark still on 5.2.


i too have seen ref to touch screen but not seen the skin



best wishes


Richmond Karaoke & Disco - Professional Mobile Disco Service For North Yorkshire - www.rkdisco.co.uk

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