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Looking back, it actually reminded me just how advanced Citronic were with their products, after all they were using Faders, instead of the old rotary controls still evident with some other manufacturers.


50 Watt Slave Amps, 100w Powered Decks, 150W Bass Bins. How on earth did they manage to fill even a medium sized venue. These days we recommend DJ's start off with at least 300W or 500W per channel. Guests must have had much better hearing back then :D

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Mm. My uncle was a cabaret singer in the 70's and used to tour the country as a supporting act with a Pianist, an H:H MA100 with 2 floorstander speakers, a Shure unidyne mic, a WEM copicat, ruffle shirt, flares and George Best sideburns. 100W mono was enough for him!!




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WOW, thanks for the Memories, good and bad.


My first desks were very cheap (used) stereo 50 + 50 watt stereo, Malvern Sound I think. Like many of you I wonder how they were ever loud enough. My first “external” amp was the TK Pro 350 seen in the catalogue. It’s funny that they advertise it as “Two complete amplifiers built into one cabinet, the only common point being the mains input socket.” Less that six month old and that’s exactly where my amp failed, the mains input, so both sides failed right in the middle of a gig! No Fuuny.


One of the venues I worked at in the late seventies have a Citronic SM607, I LOVED that mixer.


Does anyone remember the Haze International Console, three decks and light boxes in front?


Derek Tarpey

Lake DJ



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This post and the catalogue has brought back some memories... nice one!


As someone earlier mentioned i used to also go to Roger Squires in Birmingham, mainly just to have a look at all the stuff i couldn't afford!!

I had a pair of XL200 speakers (2 x 12" & 4 x piezo horns in each cab) and ran them for years with an amp that was 120w per channel, and like others have said, it was loud enough, and there was quite a bit of bass, but big boxes you see. I can't help but think that although i'm sure overall sound quality has to be better today there has been an element over the years of "smaller box = more power to compensate" then a few years later "even smaller box = even more power to compensate" and so on. That's how i think we got away with 200w in the same venues that we now take 1kW or more.


Also Citronic have been mentioned in this post, on NYE i took my old Citronic SM330 mixer as part of a system i put into one of the other hotel rooms just for while the food was on. This mixer has been in the loft for over 10 years and was from the days when they were UK built and based in Melksham, Wiltshire and it just oozes with build quality, the faders have some mechanical resistance to them and are not all loose and sloppy making them feel cheap like my current Numark mixer, and the sound quality was great.


Garrard Disco Driver 80 turntables, how good were they but 33 always seemed a bit slow i thought. Then i really pushed the boat out and got Technics SL1200s. I still occasionally get a reminder from my wife about how much money i spent on those turntables but it didn't matter 'cos i felt like i could mix like the best although i'm sure i couldn't LOL!


Great post.

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I had the pleasure of Meeting Roger at a BBQ last year (or year before...memory fades in old age...), what a thoroughly nice guy ! Spent all afternoon chatting about the old days (and his current property ventures), had a great time !!

The best DJ between Littlehaven Station and the Rusper Road in Horsham - Probably....

MY disco website CHEAP DJ PLI amongst several others ;-)

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