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Rocky Horror Picture Show

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I am going to the rocky horror show on friday and intend to dress up. my thoughts are to go as rocky so i got the wig, gold hotpants and shoes but im slightly concerned i dont have enough on. ive never been before so could do with some advice from many a regular visitor. what can i add to the costume to make it less revealing? why do i get the feeling im going to get funny looks aswell?


if you have some pictures of your costumes that would also be good



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Me, the missis and a friend plus her partner went to see a midnight screening at the local cinema a few years ago, it was amazing.

Everybody and I mean everybody was dressed up (including me lol). I was very reluctant to even leave the house dressed like I was but it was a riot, nobody looks at you twice.

The audience participation was funny as hell too, i'd never seen that before. Everyone lit fags at one point, the staff were going mental but they couldn't do anything as so many people were doing it :-D



Dance Sounds Disco


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What a fantastic show!


Ive seen it 4 times and the sing-a-long once.


Going to see it with the 20 friends on my birthday in Sunderland to.


Here is the pic of the last time:



GDK Entertainments

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E info@gdkentertainments.co.uk

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i have been several times - normally basque / suspenders and alot of black makeup - its an absolute blast.


I went to the stage version in a DJ with stockings on the bottom - the walk through Soho when it finished was very interesting.



Dont forget all your props as well - unless they are searching on the door.

Toast, cards, prunes, waterpistols, rubber gloves.............. i could go on.


Join the fun and have a great night - if other haven't who cares!

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