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Soundlab Passive Speakers!

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I bought these speakers a few years ago :







I have never had a problem with them until this day. Yes the soundlab range do tend to be a bit toppy compared to other speakers, but I run these speakers on a seperate amp that has its own Graphic Equaliser so I can filter the toppiness out.

They were a great investment I must say.


I 2 paid 120 quid for them, so if they are the same ones I would say defo go for it. But the wooden Red or blue carpet covered ones have had some quality issues with them so would steer away from them.



Hope this helps.

There is some pics of my Soundlab Plastic Speaker Cabs on my website :




Hope this helps :)

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Email :: info@nrgize-disco.co.uk

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I have a set of SoundLab 500w Speakers which I got from Maplin.....I know, I know - I should know better.......


Anyhow - I run them with a 1k Kam amp and have never had a problem with them. They are the wooden cased ones though. I am trying to find a nice set of Bass bins to go with them..


I'd buy them, if nothing else they'll get you to the next stage and you can keep them as spares.

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If I was you i'd save up for a pair of these :




They're damn good sound quality for what they are, and the price is excellent. They use Celestion FTR series drivers which are the same drivers used in the now discontinued QSC HPR series of active cabinets and they got amazing reviews everywhere especially in the usa from everyone who bought them. I'd personally advise you to save up, and dont buy the Soundlab cabs because Soundlab are garbage.

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