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Swanflight Flightcases

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Swans are expensive but good quality. The manager is a dj and has the residency in a big country hotel so he knows what he is doing. However like anything else you order of t'interweb you cant always guarantee you get exactly what you want as they are going from manufacturers specs and dont consider the actual kit.


Good for me as they are only 40 minutes away


you may find a hinge or catch just in an awkward spot or the foam not quite right


I think the Association has struck a deal with Savilles so like Dukesy says, try them

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My setup Currently consists of 2 CDJ800MK2's and a DJX700 mixer and i was wondering if anywhere else apart from swanflight does the all in one coffin flightcases?





hi there


I have just taken delivery of a flightcase & lighting cases both from swanflight and I can say they are built very well


the coffin now houses my new adj radius 3000 plus the 1400dsp mixer I had corner wheels and additional top carry handle on top and only cost 170 Inc delivery .. Well worth t money t only thing I would say is there are no holes on the outside to pull thru your plugs although t top 2u does house several holes


very nice strong build

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