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Has anyone got/seen or familiar with Martin Mania EFX700? I'm after a couple of decent flower effect lights and these look to be all right. I've only seen pictures though on the web..





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Their was a couple of these installed in the hotel I did a gig at last year......and they let me use them instead of hanging all my lights ( very nice of them I thought) but I was a little dissapointed with the brightness, they certainly didnt seem as bright as my NJD datamoons for example. However the bulbs could have been on the way out and optics needed cleaning, but I wasnt impressed considering they were Martin...the gobos & colours were very good tho.

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An old thread I know! Just done a review in the appropriate section.


If the ones you saw were dim, I suspect filthy optics or a downgraded lamp. Some contract maintenance companies fit cheaper lamps as the cost of lamps are lumped in with the contract.


As an example, our local national chain theme bar (equipment maintained by a company alot further north) had brand new Abstract Gladiator 100W colour changers fitted to their numerous mirror balls. Once they'd blown, the unmentioned company came to relamp, and fitted them all with 20W domestic 50mm dichroics so they wouldn't have to change them so often!!!


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