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Former Sex Pistols Manager Malcom Mclaren Dies At 64

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Just got this;

Malcolm McLaren, the former manager of punk group the Sex Pistols, has died in New York, aged 64, his agent has said.

McLaren, the ex-partner of designer Vivienne Westwood, was believed to have been diagnosed with cancer a while ago.

He set up a clothes shop and label with Westwood on London's King's Road in the 1970s and was later a businessman and performer in his own right.

The couple had a son, Joseph Corre, the co-founder of lingerie shop Agent Provocateur.




I have been known to play "Anarchy" in my local, and the Pistols have always stood for controversy- even if there were far better bands at the time.



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Can't say I can remember playing any of their stuff.

As for the man-nah.Definately not my cup of tea.


Can't say I can remember playing any of their stuff.

As for the man-nah.Definately not my cup of tea.


My apologies.I was mistaking him for the lead singer-Johnny Rotten.


This is not a rehearsal

This is it - grab it while you can.

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I'm a big, big fan of The Pistols. I was only seven or eight when they were making headlines so I didn't get into them until I was at college in the mid-80's. They made some great tracks and Never Mind the Bo:cense:ocks is one of my all-time favourite albums.


I never liked McLaren though. He came across as a right [insert expletive]. That said, he is responsible for the British punk scene so I guess I have to appreciate what he brought to the world.


For those that aren't aware - The Pistols were a manufactured band just like Steps, Take That and the Spice Girls. Malcolm was a marketing genius - he put them together because he wanted to make 'Cash from Chaos'. When Rotten left the band and their appeal faded, he put together a film entitled 'The Great Rock'n'Roll Swindle'. Finally, he agreed to an album being released entitled 'Flogging a Dead Horse'.



[insert quirky comment]

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