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After a bit of help was using my equipment at home this week and for some strange reason a couple of times the sound would go quite and then come back like sound drop out, the music wouldn't cut out completey but would go very low


my current setup is Numark cm200 mixer Numark CD players and DB Basic 400


I am wondering if the mixer is going or whether it is the speakers, but I thing that both speakers wouldn't be affected at the same time so must be something to do with the mixer



many thanks



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sounds like the mixer - doudgy cross fade, level.


is it all channels on the mixer? can you isolate your cross fader ?

does it happen when (of just after) using an paticular control ?

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With bluejools, I had this problem it was a fader on the mixer not the x-fader just a channel, luckily my mixer is 12 channel and so I just don't use that one and it sounds fine.

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Probably more likely the mixer, since everything else is in stereo so would only affect one channel or the other. Even a dodgy lead generally affects only one channel unless (for example) the screen on one side had already gone open circuit some time ago and it was relying on the other for its return, and then that one goes intermittent thus affecting both channels. I've seen it happen!!




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thanks for all your replys it seems to happen when I started to play a cd on channel 1


My cross fader is always set to the middle as it doesn't work on side but works set to the middle it works fine, could it be that its now affecting the channels on the mixer, same thing happened with the laptop channel as I may of had channel 1 volume up on the cd player on ready to start the cd after the song on the laptop had finished, could that have affect the laptop channel as well I know it is unlikly to be the speakers or leads as you get the same happening to both speakers



many thanks Pete

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