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A1/259 Long Life Bulbs - Any Good?

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Posted 02 March 2011 - 09:11 PM

I find that the majority of blown bulbs seem to happen during the winter, when lights are taken from a cold van into a steaming hot venue. Condensation or basic thermal shock to the glass and filament plays a big part in reducing the life of lamps, as does moving them around too soon after a gig before they've cooled down.

Using the effect in the correct position is also advised as some lamps, especially projection types are senstive to which way the filament is positioned. So many Dj's i've seen at work seem to use their effects upside down, or positioned on speakers where the vibration also lessens the lamp life, and then wonder why they get through bulbs so quick.

How many of you service your effects on a regular basis, and keep the fan clear of dust. Lack of air circulation or debris like dust falling or being blown onto the hot lamp can be enough to blow it. Keep the fan clear of all dust build up and clean 'em out every 10 gigs or so. Some effects i've seen have fans which look like the inside of an hoover bag.

However if you are careful to do all of this and maintain and service your equipment on a regular basis and the lamp still blows then change the brand of lamp, until then its highly likely to be human error biggrin.gif

I use cheap, unbranded white box lamps and don't seem to get through them any faster than 'branded' ones costing 3 or 4 times the price

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