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Own Graphics On Karaoke Screen

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Hi all just a quick question...


How do I get my own graphics on the karaoke screen instead of just the boring old black screen with the vdj sign in the corner?

I have seen other DJs do it but cant figure it out myself...any one know? :shrug:

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It depends what you want - you can add your own logo with;


You'll need to log in to the virtual DJ site to download these plugins.


Otherwise, MixMash offer background visualisations that you could use.


I don't think wizzy backgrounds would work when people are trying to sing - so the MixMash stuff would be useful for pre-show, and possibly when there are no singers.



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over the years i have seen whizzy backgrounds and cameras of the singers i use different hosting programs which have a dedicated function for screen backgrounds but i my mate used an add on called" backdrop" i believe

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Read the VDJ user manual it should be in my documents, you can remove the virtual dj logo in the corner and replace it with your own, write text across the screen etc. You can also use an image such as your own logo on screen between songs instead of a black screen or use visuals as the lads have suggested, personally I have started to dabble in video Djing and use videos between singers, punters have been really impressed so far, it's expensive however. The manual is pretty easy reading you'll figure it out in no time.


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