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Intimidation Lmh 360 Led Mini Moving Head

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hi guys, has any one seen these in operation or has them on their rig? i would like some opinions as i am thinking of getting some. There is also these on ebay which appear to be the same like but a chinease import without the badge,,,what do you think?


LED Mini square Moving Head light for DJ party DMX item no:260617171886


thanks.,, martin



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I have been looking at these lights as well.

But I have seen them on Ebay under "LEX LIghting" brand.


There is a demo video on this link.






They look good for the price, and being DMX as well.

I would personally buy them.

My worry would be the Chinese ones not being able to work in UK due to power differences. I may be wrong.


If you do go for them, make sure you post some pictures and videos :)


Email :: info@nrgize-disco.co.uk

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The only thing that 'd be concerned with is that its only about 80 x 5mm LEDs...






DJ David Graham

Tel: 01204 537716 / 01942 418415

Email: hello@djgraham.co.uk

FB: http://facebook.com/djdavidgraham

Web: [under construction - it really is coming soon :)]

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Did you go for these lights in the end ??


Email :: info@nrgize-disco.co.uk

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