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Repairs To Active Db Technologies And Behringer Speakers

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Been in the business since the 80's and have used various active and passive speakers over this time, years ago when you had a fault on an amplifier or speaker it was easy to get repaired due to most of the equipment being made in this country. Last year I purchased a pair of Behringer EUROLIVE B412DSP and a pair of db technologies 12" powered subs, ...Now remember both companys advertise these as having built in protection to avoid distortion / speaker damage, well take it from me, it doesnt work, just out of warrenty 1 of the behringer hf horns gave up then around the same time the amp and speaker went in one of the db subs. Ok i thought, get them repaired, this is where the fun started, if you want Behringer stuff repaired, they are in Essex, a similar company down south repairs the db stuff, both companys wanted me to send the gear to them, can you imagine the cost of 2 speakers via courier? In the end I took the speakers apart myself and just ordered the parts, luckily i have the electronic experience to do this. What a daft situation for big companys to have one repair shop in the uk, even behringer had to wait for the parts to come in from China, the db stuff came from India. Is it me or am i expecting too much that companys that supply professional sound equipment have such poor back up when things go wrong, could you afford to be without your sound system for weeks?

Just to say that the sound quality of all these speakers is excellent but next time I update my equipment I will be asking about after sales repairs as i feel let down by both of these manafactures.

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Hence the worth of forums like these; you can 'ask around' for experiences with manufacturer's aftersales support before parting with cash. Vote with your feet!


Most audio and lighting companies with representation in the UK are simply importers these days with big warehouses; some have good spares support and some don't; it doesnt matter whether it is a cheap brand like Behringer or a Premium one like DB Technologies.


Many brands that have always had UK offices have left the UK in droves over the last few years making spares sourcing very frustrating at times.


Many brands' spares are now held centrally in Europe somewhere.






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Just thinking about buying new speakers myself, I bought Mackies from Decks 4 years ago and one was damaged on delivery, got a replacement, one went wrong soon after I got it, Decks sorted getting it fixed, still in warrenty. I'm now looking at RCF speakers, don't know much about them other than what a few of you guys say about them ?


I live in Yeovil and have just had a similar experience with my British Gas Homecare, boiler broke, rang up only to hear that the bad weather was effecting the call centre which is 'up north' Parts also in the same town. It took 7 days to get it fixed, had they had a call centre in India then the cold weather would not be a problem LOL :wall:

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I've had problems with both Mackie and RCF parts. Mackie dont supply spares, you have to order them from an approved dealer who will order them for you with a mark-up. RCF are currently setting up a UK spares department to supply bits, after the guy who ran the spares company (Audio Workshop) died unexpectedly. RCF have gone through a confusing array of buy-outs and takeovers recently and alot of the staff arent familiar with their stuff that may need servicing; at one point they denied having supplied some 'DCA' series amps till the aforementioned chap (Mick) at Audio WS confimred they had.


Both RCF and DB (same company) repairs are officially carried out through 'Amp Man' audio services who are the UK Lab Gruppen service agents.









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