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When I had XP, I would copy all my music files to my back-up drive and it would come up this file already exists, do you wish to replace it, and I would wedge the N key down and that would be that. With Vista, it helpfully tells you that you don't have enough space to copy over, as it does the conflicts at the end so, apart from having a back-up drive twice the size of the files I'm copying over, is there anything else you can suggest?

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Depends on what you wanna do


a sync program that can be a check to see when it was last changed

or a proper backup software ?


not a backup software that creates a seperate zip file...


can you give us some more ideas and i'll see what I can show u that works the best way

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Yeah I'd seriously recommend using an automated, incremental backup system.


I've had great experience with Time Machine on the Mac and Todo Backup on my XP system.


Never underestimate the need for a good, reliable backup.


I would also recommend something like Crashplan for a complete last ditch safety net.


Good luck!

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