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Has anyone used Platinum Notes?


If so, would you recommend it? Is it as good as it makes out? Or is it one of these bits of software that promises the Earth but never really delivers?


Just curious as I've been looking at their site today and it looks interesting and quite a good piece of software but I'd rather hear from someone who has used it before sticking my hand in my pocket as I've tried similar software before which just turned out to be a total waste of time money and hard drive space!

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I know this is reviving an old thread, but I have been absent from the forum for a while due to health problems.

I have used Platinum Notes now for over 2 years, I find it a excellent piece of software. It does so much more than MP3Gain etc, it seems to give a new lease of life to old recordings and that extra bit of Omph to recent mp3 files. Yes it's expensive but worth every penny in my honest opinion :D

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