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End Of Season Party

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Hi guys, i hope all are well. I flit on and off from here, mainly because I'm normally all over the place but I still enjoy catching up and seeing how you all are. I do hope to get time coming into winter to contribute a little more....


Anyhow. i've been asked to do an End of season party at a campsite, now i do a quite a bit of work throughout the summer with this place so i know the locals and they know me and most of my sets..... so this is where i need inspiration.


I need a few songs you guys like to throw into your sets from time to time that are usually well received. with it being the end of season party, i want to got out with a bang and give them something to remember. but i don't want to play all my usual sets which would be your average wedding set like come on eileen, and dance the night away, mavericks, hill billy rock, tell me ma, december 63. You're probably getting the gist. I tried nellie the elephant for a laugh one night but it just bombed, really didn't go as well as i had hoped.


Whilst it'll only be the 25th of September, i'll be taking my snow machine an i'll play a christmas tune near the end as many of the residents won't see each other over Christmas.


Any ideas or suggestions, as usual, will be greatly received.


Cheers folks


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Cheers flash,


It wouldn't have been on my mind but i've just listened to it and it sounds like it might work... It doesn't strike me as leaving the party bouncing, do people really react well to it?


P.S. I will probably use it. :-)

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A couple of 'not so obvious' but that I find go down really well with the right crowd are:


Mental as Anything - Live it up


Five - Keep on Movin' (Yes really, this one can fill the floor at times!)


Another I use regularly is, Steve Earl -Galway Girl. This is the Irish Music behind the Magners cider advert so everyone knows it. It's surprising how many times I've been asked what it is.



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