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2 Celestion Qxi315 3-way Cabs And Jbl Mpx1200 Amp

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I'm selling 2 brand new Celestion QXi-315 3-way professional speaker cabinets and a used but in good condition JBL MPX1200 amplifier. The Celestion cabs i got for £550 a pair and have only used them on low in my flat, but did have them on full for 10 seconds and they sound excellent, the 6" midrange driver makes the clarity excellent, and they're LOUD too. They're brand new and I got them from a stock clearence from the Celestion factory because they dont make the QXi cabs anymore. I havent got transport so couldn't get to use them properly in a hall or anywhere. I bought the JBL MPX1200 amp for £580 and its a QSC amplifier that was made specially for JBL to power their SR series speaker cabs when they were out. The amp sounds fantastic and is very stable into 2 ohms as well, thats what QSC told me when i enquired, but top quality is what QSC are all about so anyone who knows QSC will know its a brilliant amp. In total, the system cost me £1,120 but i'm selling it for £800 so whoever buys it will be getting a fantastic bargain. Here's the specs :


Celestion QXi-315

Frequency Response : 40hz-20khz

Power handling : 400 watts rms

Sensitivity : 100db

Impedance : 8 ohms



800 watts per chanell into 8 ohms

1,200 watts per channel into 4 ohms

1,600 watts per channel into 2 ohms


Anyway, here's the ebay auction :





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