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21st Birthday Party... Met An Dj (imposter?)

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Ok so the main reason im writing this gig report is to share an interaction with another "dj" who was at the party i did tonight.. But ill share how it went anyway


It was in a coastal villiage in cornwall & being a pretty grotty night weather wise anything could happen!

Of course its a thurs night so probably not going to be a crazy one but for some reason feels like a sat night to me as thats when i usually do my gigs!

Anyway got there with my apprentice dj and set up..

Started playing a range of new stuff then working it back.. 2 people dancing and everyone else standing around or next door as the bar was next door. Not ideal but at least there was loads of space for people to hang out etc - but i was feeling a bit awkward! Played a few classic disco tunes from the jacksons, bee gees etc - still not much going on.. went back to mixing it up a bit and for the last hr and a half things picked up - seems the girls preferred RNB & the lads Rock.. Cornish young people are not your average - a lot of em are into alternative genres.. a girl came and asked for dub reggae - i put on a bit of king tubby for her!

Anyway half way through the night a guy comes up and starts asking questions about me and my business and i tell him & he tells me he djs for a local roadshow - i ask him if things are busy "Oh yeah - man really busy" I think, oh man why is it everyone else has loads of booking but me!!?!? lol He asks me what softwear im running and i say traktor pro (Seemed obvios really - the screen was in front of him) He then asks me how many tracks i have, i tell him and he then tells me he has 350,000 tracks on his system and a external hard drive with xxxxxxx many tracks... Says he uses pcdj... Im like hmm ok cool. Guy seemed a bit weird but didnt think about it much more.. Later he comes up and starts braggin about his soundsystem - "Cobalt audio - its a subsidiary of Peavey"... Im like hmm, i have not heard of them... Yeah, they are 2,000w RMS per side... Im like wow thats a lot of power "Yeah, i have 10 systems thats just one of em" I still believe him at this stage.. I ask him "Are they passive or active?" See a pretty confused face.. The guy is cracking.. I repeat "Passive or active?" He still looks confused.. I said "Your telling me you have been a dj for 7 years, got 10 sound systems and you dont know the difference between passive and active speakers?" - "Oh, um im on the beer you know, i cant think of anything like that"... I went back to work and the guy wonders off and dissapears..

Very sad to meet these strange characters.. Seem to know so much but so little... (I had a feeling he was BullS&tting but not used to meeting people like that these days!!)

So im now in a nice b&b chilling out and just wanted to share it with you guys as it made me laugh and made me feel quite weirded out!


All Anthems Disco - Mobile Disco / DJ Hire - Cornwall

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I have a "DJ" in my local pub.


So when I play, he's often giving advice...


Punter "Can't you gee it up a bit" (I was playing 90's club stuff - going down well!)

Jason "err, ok, what would you like?"

Punter "Something a bit more modern"

Jason "cool, I'm about to go more up to date - any suggestions"

Punter "Got any Pink Floyd?"


Jason " :wall: "



I've started to wind him up a little -he says he's gonna try and get the landlord to let him play... but it's not really going to happen, at least as a regular thing..

So if I get any comments, I'm quick to ask when he's playing...


Apparently, he did used to DJ in clubs years ago, but he's not doing it now...


I give him a bit of banter back, and when he's actually using his gear a few times a month, then perhaps I'll take him a bit more seriously.



Luckily, when I'm working, I don't really have time to chat, so if I do get a problem, the I'll be monitoring the levels with my headphones....


When I'm out, I don't tell the DJ that "I'm a DJ too" - perhaps at the end of the night, but I'm then one of those annoying drunk punters who wants to chat when the DJ is trying to pack up... lol



To be honest, I would be polite, but wouldn't extend the conversation unless the night was really quiet...


Should have asked for his card, and then explained you DJ part-time and the full-time job is at MCPS, thanks for the card - we'll be in touch regarding your 350,000 tracks....lol



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My Friday and Sunday night residency is in a pub/club primarily known as a rock venue but on a Friday I play a lot of chart and Sunday a lot of dance.


There's a lad I know who comes in a lot on a sunday moaning on that I should be playing indie music. Obviously if that's what the crowd are wanting on the night. He's often lectured me that I should be playing new bands (that noone has heard of) and bring them to people's attention.


I will do that now and then, but the crowd that gets in on a Friday and Sunday prefer hearing things they know. Sometimes when I put a track on that not many people will know, but is amazing, it has cleared the dancefloor.


Anyway, this lad is starting to DJ at a social club up the road from my venue tonight. It gets full of rockers. And I MEAN rockers! (As most places in our area are lol) He will be playing downstairs whilst the regular rock night is going on upstairs.

The past few months my venue has started filling up earlier as most people go to this social club before coming to my place to finish the night but they are fed up with the rock night upstairs as they keep playing the same stuff every week. He is going to be downstairs, but despite having 2 comitee members, me, and the manager of my venue telling him he needs to play what people want to hear... He is just going to be playing what HE wants to hear!


Wonder how long he'll last?!


Doesn't really bother me, as with people getting sick of upstairs, they'll check him out, get sick of him as well, then start coming along to me even earlier!

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