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Hi people,

Im thinking of upgrading my Pioneer CMX-5000 to the PIONEER MEP-7000 and wanted to know your thoughts?


I have read the old helpful review by Dukesy but wanted to know if anyone has owned one? used one? heard anything about one? ect


Also if i was to use the USB port how long does it take to load up songs onto the play list?


and anyone know the best/cheapest place to buy?

If i was to buy from overseas and have it shipped to the UK would that cause any problems?


Thanks for your help guys :dukesy:


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I used one for a six month period last year - I think i did a short attempt of a review somewhere on the forum..


Loved it!

Loading songs via a usb stick/ext hard drive was quick enough if i remember however one thing sticks in my mind that when i used my big ext HD with around 100Gb of tracks it did take slightly longer to load.. This will obviously not interrupt your gig however on some occasions i did panic when after 8 seconds the track was still loading!


The above may have just been me or a firmware update may have fixed these issues!


Overall the interface and workflow was much better than the Denon Hd2500 IMO

Sound quality excellent.

Great for Karaoke and good that you have the 2 CD drives as a backup..


However the CD drives (which you need for the whole thing to work) were a total waste for me as i was 100% digital, never did Karaoke and the extra bulk in a flight case was just to much, that's why i sold mine.


If i can help anymore let me know




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I tried one in a store for around half an hour and have to say I was mightily impressed, far better than the Denon unit, sound quality was excellent, build quality superb. track searching a doddle, I didnt buy one purely because I went the CDJ200 route as I wanted it all in a coffin type case with a 12" Pioneer mixer. However if I was using a rack mount mixer i would probably have bought one.

The oldest swinger in town....... probably. Happy Easter.. well I have seen easter eggs in the shops

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the mep is a really good bit of kit, from a biased pioneer freak lol


I found, as above, best used with memory sticks than huge hard drives with masses of mp3's loaded... however i much prefer the cdj2000 format and its what i own now!


for more info maybe have a look on the pioneer pro dj forum - lots of discussion over there!



Matt (mjmac)


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I have had one for a year and recommend it.


I'll just focus on the negatives which are not in the literature.....!!!


It's impossible to combine CDG sets with normal music as the changeover between CDG and normal music (CD's, mp3 etc) takes ages and needs a quite a few buttons pushing. You have to keep your karaoke sets separate and then play some tunes on a secondary piece of equipment while changing over.


There is also a bug in the system that simultaneously starts your connected pc playing tunes when operating CDG. It's irritating but not insurmountable.


It can be quite scary if you boot it up in the incorrect sequence as the laptop won't automatically pick up the Pioneer audio drivers if you make one mistake.


Apart from that it works perfectly with VDJ and is well worth the cost.


If you have specific questions on this then ask.



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