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Will 2010 bring a Merry Xmas for you?  

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Without wishing to sound melodramatic (as if :D ) this Xmas is an unmitigated disaster. Very few bookings in the entire month of December, and no work on Xmas Eve or NYE!!! It has come as quite a shock, as I've had a decent year without work drying up too much. I've been pretty fortunate compared to a lot of others. But December, my favourite month to work and usually my busiest, is looking terrible.

I'm a DJ based in Northern Ireland with nearly 10 years' experience offering a range of services. Including club residencies, karaoke, pub quizzes, specialised wedding service, Master of Ceremonies, Compere, Night at the Races and much more.




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I had over 15 dates booked with the same venue throughout December but unfortunately 6 have been cancelled due to lack of interest, and others have had fewer than 50 guests in a room that can (on a good day) hold 175.


So I can see its getting quieter and they only have 4 confirmed wedding bookings for the whole of next year too :(


So where are these green shoots of recovery coming from or has the frost killed them all off? :hurt:

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I did have a few dates which never came off annoyingly!


There was a message left at the office for a NYE booking - but as I didnt go into the office for a week and didn't get the message - it was too late when I called them back *sigh*


When you think that most hotels are charging a fair whack per person for these xmas dinners, people don't always want to pay that price for them (I think around here it was something like 30 or so quid in November, rising to 35 and 40 quid per person at one big hotel around here!).





DJ David Graham

Tel: 01204 537716 / 01942 418415

Email: hello@djgraham.co.uk

FB: http://facebook.com/djdavidgraham

Web: [under construction - it really is coming soon :)]

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I too have had a bit of a disaster with 1 of my hotels 8 Bookings cancelled in the week leaving fri sat & sun along with a couple of thursdays where they have had to combine and put 3 nights punters into 1 due to snow and recession. The Party Numbers for the weekend are also a little lower than last year :damn: :wall: better luck next year i suppose.

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I've been working at my local golf/hotel club since 2002 every xmas.


They have 3 large function rooms.


In 2009 they had 21 gigs at xmas in 2010 they have 12.


Things are slower in essex too... was out last night in southend and the only places open were the pubs!

It would seem club capitol 'sarrfend' is no more on a thursday night...


i put this down to the pubs offering a good mixture of entertainment, late license, cheap booze and no door tax to get in... how can any club compete with that?


before pubs could stay open late all the clubs would fill up 1030/11pm as the pubs kicked out...


It surely is a changing world out there!


Matt (mjmac)


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