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What do you do when you've been booked for a mobile disco at a party until 11:30, but by 10 o'clock most of the guests have gone home?

This happened to me last night. I don't think that I was doing that lousy a job :( but the vast bulk of the crowd seemed to need to be somewhere else (in bed?) by 10pm, so I carried on playing the music until I noticed that the mobile bar had started to pack up and the organisers of the party were stacking up all the chairs in the hall (this was about half an hour later). I took the hint, played 'Angels', said my 'goodnights' then started to pack up my gear.

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I don't think there is anything wrong with trying to analyse why a gig doesn't rock as you'd hope it would - being indifferent to these things isn't really a good thing!


But, there are lots of factors at play. Assuming you've tried a few genres (regardless of their age!), so - a bit of rock n roll, reagge, chart rnb, 70's disco, 80s, and they're still sitting down- perhaps the're happy to chat and listen to music?


Perhaps slow things down with a nice ballad or two (announce this), then hit them with what you think would keep them there.


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Same thing happened with me a while ago. Booked until 11.30 but by 11 most people had gone. Older guests had gone home, and the younger ones had gone clubbing!


I checked with the guy who booked me (who was already packing up the tables), and he said everyone had enjoyed themselves and I could finish then, so I played a slowy and said goodnight.


Dont think I did a bad job though as had quite a few compliments, but I guess some crowds just aren't up for dancing all night!


Cheers, Mark.

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