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Hello People


Im new to this site but been doing discos for a while now.Im not an expert I work for an events company been doing that for just over 6 years and the disco is my sideline as an addition to what we do.I have my own website and do get my own disco work.

Not sure how much info everyone wants to know but i run a netbook through an amp into 4speakers, 2 of which are soundlabs and the other 2 are old ones ive had for years.I used to play in a band years ago and the amp and old speakers are from the band i bought 2 large soundlabs to give it a bigger sound. I use an audio technica wired mic and it has a really nice sound. Ive heard other sound systems on jobs where i havent dj'ed and they havent sounded as good as mine.

I use virtual DJ on my netbook,oh i used to use my laptop but i wanted a dedicated laptop and looked into netbooks thought id try it and it works really well, I tried traktor,PCDJ and others but i found virtual DJ was all round best.

As for lights i normally use about 5 or 6 lights and i have a couple of spares in case of problems. I use a couple of big ones then a couple of smaller LED ones and i have a laser light.Sitting here i cant remember the name of my lights (as i cant remember the name of my amp!!)


Nice to meet everyone lets all have a happy new year with plenty of work.

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:welcome: to the forum Andy

Professional DJ Since 1983 - Having worked in Clubs, Pubs, Mobile and Radio in the UK and Europe

29 Years Experience and still learning.

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