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Woke up this Morning to a brand new year, and also the news that overnight, Petrol and Diesel had been increased, by yet another duty rise.


On the 4th Jan, yet another increase at the pumps, is expected in line with the 2.5% increase in VAT.


So thats an anticipated 3p per litre increase in 4 days!, and by the time its rounded up and the retailers have all added their bit, no doubt when it gets to us, it will be nearer 4p


Around here, Diesel is already £1.30 per litre, costing me nearly £90 to fill the tank, in some more rural parts, its closer to £1.34.


Last Xmas, according to my receipts, it was £1.09 a litre, and I thought that was bad.


With predictions that the Crude oil price is going to continue to increase during the winter months, and yet another duty rise expected in April, that £1.50 a litre can't be too far away.


Where will it end.

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I think that I will start making my own Bio Diesel at this rate.


I can see that if prices continue to rise at this rate we will end up with the fuel protests again.

The transport industry will suffer more prices will rise on all products.


Q. Name one thing that you can buy that some part of its manufacture or distribution that hasn't travelled by road?


A. Nothing.....


So there may be trouble ahead.



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I think that I will start making my own Bio Diesel at this rate.


I'm fortune enough to have a diesel 4x4 that will run fine and legally on Veg oil, so its something i'll need to consider again in the future although in winter it will only run 60% veg to 40% diesel, but it will help when the price smashes the £1.40 / litre barrier.


Of course, one way of getting the economy back on track would be to remove ourselves from Europe and the burden of the £38,000,000 'handout' which we pay to them every day. But then again, those in power have never really been good at seeing and doing the obvious :wacko:

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