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Nightclub Music.

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Hi guys.


I've just been booked to do the biggest Nightclub in my local area. I've never worked in a Nightclub before, so don't really have much experience.


Mainly looking for music ideas, remixes? Club music. Things that go down well with people that work in Clubs all over the country.


Hope some people can help me out, my gig is Friday night



Kyle (a.k.a DJ dZaster)

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Hi and welcome to the forum...


What sort of the music does the club usually play?


Rock? House? Trance?

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Have you ever been to the club before? If not, ask the client what kind of music they want?





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Thanks for the responses.


The club plays anything from Chart/Club/Dance and Dubstep. I have been to the club before on a night out, might have to go down on thursday to listen and see.


I've got a couple disks that I can use in case of emergency, however if anyone could give me some of the most popular dance music in 2009/2010 that would be brilliant!


Thankyou all!

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Kyle, welcome to the forum... take a listen to this podcast - it should give you an idea of the stuff i play when im out and about > http://clubzero.podomatic.com


the first hour is funky hosue / dance... then the second hour is more soulful house you would expect to hear at the Ministry of Sound on a defected night... much more soulful and vibrant!


the only thing i can suggest is do your homework, know what works with the age group your playing to... thursdays might not be a good basis due to the 'party' night theme most thrusdays have.


clubs in essex normally do party night thursdays, fridays are more dedicated to a music type ie funky, soulful or RnB...


The podcast (8th jan) is what rocks my clubs currently where i work - however it may not work for your crowd?!?!?!


Club promoters are a funny bunch (unless you know them)... asking what music do you want me to play... may not go down to well as one would expect people to come because of the music you play... things maybe different with you but thats how it works in most essex / london clubs! its a cut throat business these days ;o)


Matt (mjmac)


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Just noticed the date on the first post so this is a wee bit late!


My approach would be as mentioned, do your homework and see what works with the crowd in question.


If it's a venue that morphs from mainstream to house/electro/techno later on then Beatports top 100 is a good place to start to learn what's popular out there in clubland.


What you play is also dependant on which slot you play e.g. warm up or main act?


Anyway, leave some feedback to see how you got on. :)


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