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To all you oldies out there who may remember when Citronic were the best kit you could buy, I've just got hold of a mint condition Avon II console to play around with at home :)


Everything works fine not bad for a piece of kit thats over 20 years old, will be interesting to see how much of today's "top kit" is still working in 20 years

I'll post some pics up when I get a chance


Any recommendations for cartridges for general play & mixing would be appreciated, it's been a while since I bought any not sure whats good out there at the moment :)

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Ahh yes I remember those, I had the Hawaii which was identical apart from lacking the built in amps.


I had Ortofon OM Pro cartridges in mine, but Stanton 500AL's would have been original fit I guess and perfectly satisfactory.


Nice piece of kit that will still be working in another 20 years I'll wager.

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They would normally have been fitted with the Stanton 500AL

Professional DJ Since 1983 - Having worked in Clubs, Pubs, Mobile and Radio in the UK and Europe

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I'm sure I have a set of Citronics here somewhere with Pickering V15 cartridges. (they are compatible with the 500AL anyway as are the styli).



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I also had a Citronic Hawaii for sometime, and loved it. However my favorite "Oldie" was my Cloud Series 9. Had to be the best duel deck of it time

Derek Tarpey

Lake DJ



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