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I am wondering if anyone has tried and tested the denon dn-mc6000 midi/audio controller?

I am really keen to buy one but i have just read on another forum that it may crash due to midi signal overload.... NOT GOOD!! Apparently Denon are working on a firmware upgrade to fix this - before i buy this unit i really need to know other peoples experiences with it. (Especially after the nightmare VMS4 Letdown)

If you are also considering this unit, i would like to highlight that it can be bought from the US for £550 delivered but it wont come with a UK power supply & the warranty will only be valid in the US - not the UK. (Its £679 here)

Also, what kind of case would you house it in? One with the added laptop stand or just side by side?

Cheers guys and happy DJing :)

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All Anthems Disco - Mobile Disco / DJ Hire - Cornwall

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Swanflight are doing a case with a removeable sliding laptop tray, also DJkit (I Think) are doing a case for it. I have heard of some users having teething problems, but that is usually the case with any new controller, I think it is designed to work with traktor so if you use VDJ be prepared to map it yourself. The Denon DN-HC 4500 which I now use had similar problems when it was launched but it works flawlessly now with VDJ. Undoubtedly Denon will fix the problem and when they do they will have a terrific unit that will really suit the average mobile DJ, lightweight, full matrix mixer, two mic inputs with effects and no dearer than a good controller / mixer combo. Personally I don't like laptop trays as this usually means the crowd can see your laptop, or worse bump off it if it's sticking out over your deckstand so I'd go for a laptop stand beside the unit, but thats just me.


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Cheers for that Mickey,

I just got a very good deal from dv247 so its gonna be with me within a fortnight!

Last night i discovered on the denon dj forum that a firmware upgrade was released in Feb which has resolved some of the main teething problems as you say.

Im already a traktor pro user so thats a bonus but i am going to get vdj pro when finances allow, it seems to be more well suited to mobile djing to me & karaoke support is a big bonus.

I feel the same as you in regards to the case - i really dont like the idea of having a laptop between myself and the audience - i think side by side will be more intuitive for the way i work. In fact i would prefer a hard padded case than a flight case but im struggling to find one at the moment.

Thanks again for your input and ill be doing a review for it when it comes on this forum.

All Anthems Disco - Mobile Disco / DJ Hire - Cornwall

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