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Evening all


I am considering purchasing a Gobo Projector with a view to adding the service as an additional cost aspect for certain packages, (the additional cost wil only apply if they require a custom gobo)


But before I take the plunge and potentially end up with a white elephant, does anybody actually get requests for this service?


I have seen it alot on programmes such as four wedding US so hopefully it won't take too long to filter through here but I just don't want to get lumbered!


Any feedback as always is appreciated


Conversly if anyone does offer this already which machine do you use? The front runner for me at present is the ADJ LED Gobo Projector

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In my experience I don't think many people specifically ask for this service, it's typically an extra you'd try to up-sell in a client meeting along with any other services you may offer such as uplighting, seat covers or dancefloors.


I don't offer the service personally but a few DJ's I know do and they prefer to use a standard (high lumen) video projector.

The obvious advantage of a standard projector is that you can very easily design your own image and you don't have to go through the hassle/expense of getting a one off, one use gobo made. Also it's very easy to introduce much more varied colour and effects than is possible with a gobo.


While the initial outlay is going to be more expensive, a projector is of course much more versatile than a gobo projector and can be used to offer other services such as photo slideshows, video dj'ing, big rig karaoke etc so the chance is there to generate revenue in other areas.


I think the ADJ looks okay for the money but i'd be concerned about the brightness. I looked at one of Mike's videos and it looks fine in his showroom but he was only projecting in full open white onto a white roof about 20 feet away. How well will it perform if you were trying to project lets say a blue gobo on to a dark floor/wall at a greater distance.

Do you have a local retailer where you could get a demo?



Dance Sounds Disco


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There is a new led gobo projector and because its cool and not a hot bulb that means apparently you can print on transparent film your own gobos but i would guess as with most led lights its not as bright as its lamp counterparts , i too am looking into gobo projection so in my research this item came along


click here for manufacturer web link



never used or seen one in the flesh but this looks interesting to me





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Thanks guys really useful constructive comments :pro:


The only thing with the one you suggest Rob is with the option to produce your own images at home unless they were razor sharp wouldn't the projected image appear blured and 'rough'? I ask this in case you have seen one in action


As in answer to a previous question there are very few places around my locality that I can demo equipment, as I found out to my dismay (see previous post ref; revo 4)


So on this occasion I will travel as I could'nt charge extra for this and have a poor image in every respect! :(


I will keep looking and any machines I find that may be of interest I shall add to this thread

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i think the light will look quite good and be fairly well recieved by clients however i dont think its something they would want to pay extra for and considering the cost of getting proper gobo.s cut (in the case of the american dj fixture) dont think you would see any real benefit. I could be wrong though.


now a gobo projector with a printed acetate gel would be better as at least you could personalise very easily and that may be a selling point


im off to pahse 1 on saturday and will have a closer look at the adj projector. I know where most of the switches are now so can add some background lighting to mimick a real venue.

Richmond Karaoke & Disco - Professional Mobile Disco Service For North Yorkshire - www.rkdisco.co.uk

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Some really useful comments as per guys Thankyou


One more, I know this is going to be a metter of personal taste but a still image on the floor or wall / ceiling or a slowly rotatinn one in the same locations


My only concern with the rotating image is that for approx 75% of the time the image / text would be upside down


But as I said your opinions please :pro:

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