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Free .co.uk Domain And Free Ad-free Hosting

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Looks to be a genuine offer as its backed by Google and BT, but with all of these things, keep an open mind :D . But if you don't have a current web presence then it could be better than nothing, especially as it comes with some simple to use site builder templates, so you could easily get your business online reasonably quickly and for nothing.




Of course even if you have a main website, it might be worth a second site and domain to boost your persence :D - after all, its free.


Worst case is that at the end of the 2 year free period you have to pay a premium fee in order to buy back and move your domain from them, or will end up having to pay for hosting from them after the free period ends. But at least you have 2 years, risk free to try and get your website to work and increase your workload.

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I have to admit... me and my kids entertainer used GBBO a while back to get him a basic website.


I have to say... the sites they create for you ... are shocking!


You can transfer the domain after 90 days to someone else... and it's done via the BT control panel.


I would only use GBBO to get a free domain if I'm honest with you.



Web : http://www.alexentertainment.co.uk

Web : http://www.alexskaraoke.co.uk

Phone : 07525 645750 / 0800 612 4979

email : alex@alexentertainment.co.uk


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Not a bad idea if you really don't know what you're doing and are on a budget.

Even if BT charge £50 for the domain transfer, its still not a bad deal if you've got business out of it (or its not worth doing!)


But we're happy to spend £££ on lights that often don't really add to our income. Even spending £100 on the top "mrsite" package will be better investment.

So, for those without the technical expertise to do anything themselves, its a good start IMO.



I've decided to go for it... lol Will report back asap..



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Ok, a bit more info...


The sign-up was easy and no need for anything other than your contact details (phone/email etc). Most of the info you provide is to populate the site with some basic info.

There was no requirement for me to dig out cards for payment.


The website is created using Google Sites. So exactly the same system as I suggested as a free startup the other year, when I wrote an article for DJ@

The system pre-populates the "contact us" and home page with some sensible content, including your address. This is easy to edit and style.


So, a selection of basic templates, some basic control over colours and images. No flash, no JQuery/CSS tricks (boo!), but if you've got a few photos, there is no reason why you can't get a basic site up in a few hours or less.


The only way I could get DJEP working was via a static link. If I used the form for availbilty check, the enqiry from iframe was too small. No way to enlarge.... but its early days and I only spent a few mins playing.


As it is google sites, you can embedd picassa (photo gallery), youtube (videos) and all the other google toys. Google Analyics work for stats. I think you can also create a contact form.

You can also embedd google calendar (but I'd suggest hiding the details, so clients just see "busy")


So, its never going to be very slick, but its easy to use and will cover the basics for DJs just starting out.

My domain/site will be used as a feeder site to my main one.. I'll add some original content and some photos.



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