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Hello to all


I did a gig at the weekend where I was on a stage and positioned higher than normal over the dancefloor so much so that I was looking down at almost 45 degrees :wacko:


What it did give me was a plan like view of how the lights looked on the dancefloor, now I know that most won't bother or even get the chance to see the 'show' from this angle but it did raise an interesting area that I need to ask....


It was apparent that I need something that 'spins' lights on the floor, the set up was as follows....Imposiled in the middle projecting out over above a mirrorball below, a ADJ mysticled either side, and two dynatwins above each of these.


These left me the gaps at the side of the floor where I could have something spinning to add motion to the dots! more than the mystics can provide


Now any new lights will be paired together and be mounted on the very extremes of the gantry, So I am considering either the NJD datamoons or Acme Stormbirds etc. oh yes they must be the 250W version as I need them to show over the LED units outputs!


So anyone that has used these I would be interested in your comments, comparisons, alternative suggestions etc



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I have the datamoons and they are ok but heavy. another alternative if you want cheaper is the acme wildtech goboflower. they were £75 each but not dmx. (better optics than the datamoons) could be discontinued now


the datamoons use 5pin dmx and the controller is very good. martin raptor as a centre piece perhaps


250w goboflowers are becoming a thing of the past with an led replacement lagging behind



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These left me the gaps at the side of the floor where I could have something spinning to add motion to the dots! more than the mystics can provide




If your main aim is to fill in gaps then I think you should be looking for a good moonflower.


Other types of effect such as scanners aren't going to stick to the gap you want to fill unless you control them via dmx and it sort of spoils what a scanner is all about.

A moonflower will add movement but it's obviously still a very directional effect and can be pointed exactly at the space you want to fill.


Personally I would be looking for a decent halogen effect with gobos, I went down the full LED route and got very bored very quickly with the dots and went back to my old halogen lights. Yes they are heavy and cost you an occasional lamp but (affordable) LED effects just don't compare yet. There are some nice LED gobo moving heads and scans that can hold their own against halogens coming along now but the cost is prohibitive.


The NJD Datamoon may be getting old but it's still certainly a great flower and you can pick up a pair second hand pretty cheap nowadays. If you've got the money or can find a cheap set then the Abstract Twister HP4 really takes some beating. I'd like a pair myself :D


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