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Having sold the majority of my stuff before Christmas I still have a few bits left. These will end up on eBay if you guys don't make me any offers before then.


1 x Denon DN-D4500 Professional Dual CD/MP3 Player

Top of the range unit, as good as new. It has only been used a couple of times and never been out of the flight case since purchase. £300. Supplied in original box with original literature.


1 x Denon DN-X900 Professional Mobile/Club Mixer

This was purchased at the same time as the decks above. This, too, is top of the range and has only been used a couple of times. It has also spent its entire life in the flight case. £300. Supplied in original box with original literature.


1 x Numark KMX01 Karaoke DJ Station Dual CD/G & Mixer including Numark CDMIX Case

This is a totally brilliant small Karaoke option or DJ back-up system. I have also used it on its own at a number of smaller parties when the main rig would be overkill. It comes in its own flight case. The system contains dual CD+G drives and integrated mixer with three mic inputs. £150.


1 x Martin Freekie DJ Lighting Controller

Martin quality lighting controller. This unit has been well used but it still works perfectly.


2 x Powerdrive 330 Tripod Based Winch Stands complete with accessories (truss mounts, stand tops and 2 pairs of T-Bars).

Never been used in a disco - only for testing lights at home. Buying from the manufacturer will set you back over £800 for all this gear; I want £300.


1 x Road Ready Console/Case 10u Slant Rack / 4u Vertical Rack

Quite simply, the best case you can buy. Amazing quality and super-strong. Big enough for three controllers on the slant (eg. mixer, lighting and cd/mp3) and two units in the rack (eg. dual cd and amp). In top condition with only a few surface marks on the lid. £75


2 x KAM LED Quadflower 1 DMX

Check the specs out online - only been used once. £75 each or £130 the pair.


1 x KAM EZ1 Controller

Check the specs out online - only been used in a school nativity once. £15.


2 x LEDJ LED-64 Floor Can Black

Check the specs out online - never been used. £45 each or £75 the pair.


1 x LEDJ Eco Par Controller

Check the specs out online - never been used. £45.


1 x Creative Sound Blaster Extigy External soundcard (SBO130).

Although quite old, this is still a quality piece of gear and way better than the on-board sound of any laptop I have ever owned. Make me an offer.


1 x The Singing Machine Karaoke SMM-109 Twin VHF Radio Microphones

Spare mics for my little Karaoke set-up. Never used so I can't comment on their quality! £20.


I also have an IBM T43 laptop running OtsDJ (dual hard disk, Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS PCMCIA sound), a spare IBM T43 and a couple of boxes of cables and brackets. I'll list them when I get a chance or make me an offer I can't refuse in the meantime!


Thanks for looking; any questions just PM me. Cheers.



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