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Evening all


Now at the risk of being cast out for using it I will admit to using itunes as my main means of compiling and holding all my music, and i replay it through two laptops mixing between the two etc etc etc


but I stumbled across these the reason I am asking is that I have three family weddings coming up where they have all asked me to provide the entertainment but they don't want me 'stuck behind the decks all night!'


So I am hoping that these will solve the problem, but they only seem to be compatable with MAC books :wall:





So has anyone found anything that will do the same job but that will work through itunes / Windows OS?


I do hope someone can help me as I am really looking forward to busting some shapes for once rather than watching everyine else get down and Funkay!!! :joe:

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why not download the trial version of virtual dj/traktor or something like, which lasts for a month usually. i use virtual dj pro which is happy to play itunes purchases


load up a bunch of tracks into a playlist (may even recognise itunes playlists) and hit autoplay - you can select different automix types from straight fade to beatmatch etc.


1 pc as main playback the other on standby


to be honest a decent virtual dj prog is the best option in the long run as you can add proprer soundcards and controllers etc and only need to setup 1 laptop with the other as backup

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Traktor will only allow 30 mins in demo mode, before it shuts down (I can't remember its exact behaviour). It does appear to play itunes downloads as well as FLAC format (which surprised me - not sure why! :) )






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Thanks guys, I am going to go for Virtual DJ Pro, it was not the route I was plannng on going down but I feel that after demo'ing the home edition at home (strangely enough!) I think that the automix facility is just the thing I am after


But £300 ! DAMN :wacko:


I guess the new moving heads will just have to wait :hurt:


Thanks for the pointers once again :pro:

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