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Ok i have been looking at getting a midi controller for some time now as i am using my laptop with vdj 7.

What i would like to know is how many of you use midi controllers and what do you think of them and how many of you use just your laptop/pc.



Also what midi controller are you using and on what software.

Its just that there is so many out there and i dont have a dj shop near me and i dont whant to go and buy a bad one. I just dont like using a mouse.

And hate it when some kid comes up and says "that looks easy i can do that" or "the computer is doing it for you".


I dont think using software on a computer makes it easyer but i can see where they are comming from.


So its time i got a midi controller i think? :joe:




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In the last thread you created asking the same question I recommended the hercules RMX :joe:


I use one with VDJ7 and think it's the perfect balance of functionality and build quality vs. price.

I bought the optional rack ears for mine and i've got in mounted in 19" slant case.




Have a read about it here


I bought mine second hand for round about £170 in mint condition.


edit: added piccy (yes I took the photo last xmas hence the presents in the corner of the pic lol)

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Dance Sounds Disco


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Thanks fester.

Yes i know i have asked about this before but there is so many out there to choose from and as i said i dont have a dj shop near me so i dont wont to spend my hard erned cash on something that could be rubish. :crap:


All i can go on is the reviews on there web site. I trust what you guys say about a piece of equipment so any advice is greatly recived. :joe:


Thanks again.


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Hi Barry,

I'm a midi user, with m-audio's xponent and their new torq 2.0 software. I'm a big fan and find the interface between hard and software is very intuitive and it works seamlessly. I have also mapped a korg nanopad to the software for sample/jingle triggering and it's really straight forward to do.


I also have a pair of numark ICDX media players that have HID control for software and they work really well with virtual dj, and have the added bonus of being able to play from cd's, dvd's and external hard drives. I have also had the pleasure of using traktors S4, as my mate has one, and it is superb, but comes in at about £700-750, with used ones still up and around the £600-650 mark. It really is good tho, and as it is made by traktors native instruments, it obviously works with traktor in the best way possible.


I have recently looked at the numark DJ2go which is a very basic controller, but at £50, may be worth a look for those smaller gigs!


I think, that like anything, if you can get a chance to try any out, grab it with both hands and see which one works best for you. Also, youtube is loaded with thousands of reviews etc aand worth looking at.


Hope any of that may be of some help,


Cheers Gary.


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Barry i recently bought a used RMX as well for use in my res which has an installed PA and it is a superb unit, I've only used it maybe 10 times live at this stage but would have no trouble recommending it. I also use a rackmounted Denon DN-HC 4500 for mobile gigs and that is also terrific. I'd highly recommend either of these, the RMX is probably better value for money, both are solidly built and have been rock steady in use so far.


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Thanks for all the advice so far.

I have just got a 3mth old hercules 4mx for £300. ill let you all know how i get on with it when it arrives.

Thanks again Barry. :joe:

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