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on the 17/03/11 i was doing a wedding with the Dj thats showing me the ropes we had to be there at 3:30 and finish at 1am for a crowd of 60+ and how disco kicked of for about 7pm after they had there meal and drinks and speach's. grom was a reck for his first dance with his new wify something iv seen befor so once he had got a few down him he was ready something i think we have all seen got all the dance's down and got the disco under way by 8ish and how at 8:30 rob the Dj of 37 years whos showing me the ropes said to me just got to run someone home will you be ok (OMG went throw my head) i said ill have a go and see how it go's lol and how 2 and harf hours later he returned and didnt know what he was going to walk in to lol and how i had them up and dancing by the time he got back and i was loving it when he got back he toke over for 15 min and i went out for a much needed fag or 2 went back in and caryed on for the rest of the night think rob only got to play 15 songs the hole night and i run it for the rest of the night fare to say i was singing and dancing up on the stage not to much that people could see by i was really enjoying my self up there and so was the party gooers and how that was my first gig on my own and loved it


oh did i menchen that they was gypsy's




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