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13th Birthday Help

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Just after a bit of inspiration or a few pointers please guys.


I've never really bothered with teenage parties in the past but to be perfectly honest at the moment if the gig pays a good price then i'm not too snobby to take it.

Now i've got a (girls) 13th birthday party in a couple of weeks and although i'm well up to date and perfectly happy with the tracks i'm going to play, I was wondering what you would play for the last track of the evening?


I don't think they'd be too happy with New York, New York :D



Dance Sounds Disco


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Hi Fester i would play it along with grease, macarena, cha cha slide, rednex cotton eyed joe, gap band opps up side your head, y.m.c.a.


I played all these at a 13th party and they all loved it.


Also jessie j -do it like a dude price tag.Katy b-lights on.Far east movement -like a g6.Avril lavigne - what the hell.Kesha -we r who we r got them all squawking.


just play anything thats in the chart now and it will be fine and dont worry if they are on the dance floor one second and off it the next they will be back on it soon.

Have fun.


Barry :joe:

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Last song I usually play is summit daft like Spongebob Sqaure Pants.


Always goes down well! =]

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Depending on how it goes, sometimes I finish on Amarillo (Christie / Peter Kay), or Reach (S-Club 7).


Sods law you will get inundated with 101 requests and one of them is bound to be suitable for a final track... !





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