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last week I was so ill i couldn't make a gig. luck shines down on me at the times... I didn't feel lucky! I was in a lot of pain and was tucked up in bed but I found out last night that last week a guy at the venue got stabbed six times in his legs and a big brawl broke out, so as you can tell I would rather have been in bed feeling sorry for myself rather than dealing with that!


It kicked off again last night when i was back but it was handbags and nothing serious , I do wish people not out for a good time but out for trouble would take up MMA or some other way of releasing pent up anger rather than spoiling others fun nights.


overall though I feel lucky that I missed the nasty brawl...back at that venue Sunday..wish me more luck!




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overall though I feel lucky that I missed the nasty brawl...back at that venue Sunday..wish me more luck!


Take care buddy!

Some of the local bars around here seem to have a permanent Police presence outside, but my local is normally fine - but is a small pub.



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For once actually being ill really was a massive stroke of luck! Hope Sunday goes well for you :dukesy:


My local has just closed down once again. Back in the days when people could afford to go out for a sociable drink once or twice a week without taking out a second mortgage it used to be a fantastic pub. The weekends were absolutely packed and were a great night out. But as custom has slowly dropped away so the local druggies and chavs have slowly replaced and frightened away any remaining regulars and 6 different managers in just the last two years.

I hope it stays closed to be perfectly honest.


The only problem is that my new 'local' is a half hour walk or a taxi ride away. Definitely a taxi on the way home! :cheers:



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