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Hi Guys! I've been djing properly for over a year now and I'm thoroughly enjoying it! I purchased my stuff second hand and am slowly upgrading everything as I get the money through gigs. I'm now at the stage where I would like to upgrade my halogen lights to LED. I have been looking at the following lights -


ADJ Dekker

ADJ Dual Gem Pulse

ADJ Jewel

ADJ Revo I

ADJ Sparkle

ADJ Starball

Acme Impossibled


My initial idea was 2 dekkers each side of a goal post, 2 dual gem's in the centre pointed at the dancefloor and a couple of either starball or sparkles mainly for the slow dances i.e. weddings. The only thing I wasnt sure was how much coverage and movement of light I'd get on the dancefloor with the two gem pulses which is why I've then started looking at the jewel and revo.


My second idea was to have 2 dekkers each side, one gem pulse in the centre and a couple of jewels or revo's either side of it and a couple of sparkles. Possible I could have two jewels and two revo's in order to have some uplight on the ceiling but not sure on that and not sure if the revo's are a bit too manic i.e. for raves etc.


As you can tell I've now got myself totally confused because I've looked at so many lights!!


Are these the led lights I should be looking at or are scanners better for having more 'moving light' and better coverage? Also I sometimes get doubts about how 'cheesy' and 70's looking the led moonflowers are.


Don't ask me why I've been looking at the American DJ stuff, it just kind of happened that way and their products look very good and the prices seem very reasonable.


I have a budget of around £550 and would like to get the best setup I can for my money. Any advice or recommendations would be gratefully received!

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the amdj stuff is pretty good, so nothing wrong with looking there


im not a fan of the led lights that dont move, the just turn the different leds on and off, looks good in smoke, but not so hot without smoke!


i use a pair of amdj revo scans which i link up, they are pretty bright and just add a bit of movement and variety to the rig


im all for symmetry, so i like matched pairs of kit! Then a Cluster in the middle, i use a Laser UK Black Art, which is red and green cluster, but as well as doing it cluster thing, it moves around the room also! Love it

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I agree with some of what diy_disco has said but I actually quite like the LED lights.


The only LED lights I have, I leave at home, I still much prefer my setup of 2 x Twister 4s linked, 1 x Twister 3HP and Abstract Cyclone, with a KAM mini laser.

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I have some of the Comscans, and 2 of the Quad Phase LED lights. The Quad phases are really good. Have last me almost 2 years now.


Email :: info@nrgize-disco.co.uk

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