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Martin Mac250's Are They Difficult To Control?

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Hello to all! :D


Once again I ask a question at the alter of all things DJ


I am considering a purchase of two moving head lights and have been offered two Martin MAC250 lights at a not inconsiderable sum, but the guy who is offereing them tells me that I really need to know what I am doing as they virtually need programming at every use, and 'they ain't toys!'


I really don't want the hassle I just want to plug and play so are they going to be more trouble than they are worth?


I really need someone who has experience of these or similar units to give me the benefit of their knowledge and experience with these as my knowledge of DMX control and programming can be written on the back of a CA-8 controller :joe:


So once more its over to you!

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They are far better programmed IMO.

Light Jockey is fantastic and easy(ish) to use you could design what you want the lights to do and run them from a dongle.


The guy that has given you the advice is bang on they are not toys and need to treated with respect as parts can be £££ Expensive.

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are they just the standard 250s?


or are they the newer ones? - the old 250+ are better than the 250 in terms of output of light, so show would be a little nicer, they are MSD anyway so would be quite decent for any disco.


they are quite easy to control as long as you know what you are doing with them, any decent enough controller will give you more than enough stuff to play with, computer based ones like the Martin light jockey will give you good results, but again, as long as you know how to programme DMX properly any decent show can be achieved with most controllers.

Jack Wilson - Kent Discos

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They are no different to program than any other moving head really. What DMX desk have you got? They use from 9 to 13 channels of DMX depending on whether you want 8 or 16 bit control. So a cheap 8-channel dj desk won't easily do it and it is tedious spreading it over several fader pages.




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