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hi ya guys and girls iv been asked to service a hotels disco set now iv had to change the cd decks and they was hammered and one of there amps was dead now it was was a 185w @ 8 OHMs and 300w @ 4 OHMs per channel. I want to replace it with with the KAM KXR600 but as iv only been DJing sins Jan this year so i dont really know whats a good amp to get IE dont want to get one that will go bang in no time as all.




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I have been using a KAM KXR2000 for over three years and it has never let me down, good rugged feel to it, very heavy! and excellent value for money but I have ever had to run it at more than half its capacity and that includes running two 18" sub cabs and two 15" two way units in parallel for crowds of over 400!


So probably my one peice of advice would be this


Rather than get a 500W amp and run it at full capacity get a 1000W amp and run it at half capacity saving stress on the components and allowing for reserves of power should the track or the audience demand more.


Just my two penneth worth! :D

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Depends on the budget of the hotel really. Installed equipment should be the best they can afford or it'll lead a short life at the hands of visiting DJs who don't care tuppence about the venue's kit. You already said the installed cd player had been 'hammered' and the amp is obviously mauled.


If you tell us what the old equipment was already that you are taking out it might give us a flavour of what sort of quality they're used to.


For example it's no use ripping out a 20 year old Denon that has given loyal service and putting in a £150 Numark, it will soon die. If the old amp is a 30 year old Citronic PPX or HH V800 for example and its replaced with a C-Mark then they'd better get used to being let down more often!!!






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