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Hi all

Worry not those established in Central Scotland - no way will I ever be confused for a DJ.


I have been in the 'entertainment business' for a couple of years, starting with Bouncy Castles and as a fair few of you will probably know the weather here dictates the business not to mention the short 6 month season. In common with most bouncy castle operators an additional stream of income is required and this is what brought me in to the realms of music.


I also run a fairly successful Race Night business as well as more recently Outdoor PA System (for Fêtes, Gala Days etc). As I require a 'sound system' to run the commentary on the races I have found that more and more customers are requesting music afterwards, in addition to the background music I have been playing before and in between races.


I have been 'lurking' around the forum of a while and picked up some very useful info. However, the time had come to come begging. The subject is on the Outdoor PA System and although I know the set up and operation is different, hopefully someone may be able to help. I will find a suitable thread to post on.


So as I started off saying - worry not those close to me, I play some music but only as part of a Race Night, you guys are the professionals.

Cheers, Frank

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Welcome along :Thumbup:

"The voice of the devil is heard in our land"


'War doesn't determine who is right, war determines who is left, and you wont win this war.'

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Professional DJ Since 1983 - Having worked in Clubs, Pubs, Mobile and Radio in the UK and Europe

29 Years Experience and still learning.

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